Merion Village was named for the Merion family. In 1809, they settled in South Columbus on about 1800 acres of Refugee Lands.
Entrepreneur William Merion operated Merion’s Landing in the 1830s
to capitalize on the canal trade from the Columbus Feeder Canal. A
large influx of German immigrants came as the south side of Columbus industrialized in the mid-19th century. Later, many Irish, Italian, Hungarian and other eastern European immigrants arrived to work in the local steel mills and foundries and to build
their homes.

Many of the 3500 homes and businesses in Merion Village date from an early 1900s building boom. Streetcars then ran down Parsons
Avenue and Fourth Street. Today’s Merion Villagers are a mixture of new folks and families that have lived here for three and four generations.

Founded in 1985, the Merion Village Association (MVA) sponsors annual events, including the Merion Village Crafters & Artisans Market and the Merion Village Garden Tour. Additional MVA community activities are with local public schools, churches, other community groups, and the City of Columbus, plus neighborhood cleanups, crime prevention, social events, newsletters and social media, historic preservation, zoning, and landscaping and urban planning.